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Change your ketchup game



Realizing ketchup has much more color, flavor, and variety than just tomatoes, we created 'Chups to add variety to the traditional tomato-dominated ketchup market.

We blend vinegar, spices, and savory elements with fruits like cherries, blueberries, and pineapple. These concoctions create unique yet familiar flavors — perfect for topping, dipping, dressing, and marinating. 

Variety is good. Be bold. Try ‘Chups!





Bringin' it Back 

Way Back

Ketchup is defined by the vinegar and spice that makes it savory and tangy. Originating as a fish sauce in Asia, ketchup evolved over hundreds of years before it was ever made with tomatoes.

Older American cookbooks include dozens of ketchup recipes, like apple, grape, and lemon — even walnut and mushroom!

With a rich history of diversity why does the modern market only offer us the tomato variety?

It's time to embrace bolder, brighter, and dare we say better, flavors! 






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