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Is 'Chups Still Ketchup If There Are No Tomatoes?

Yes! The common ingredients in any kind of ketchup is vinegar and spice.

Ketchup was not always made with tomatoes. Ketchup can be traced back hundreds of years to Asia, where it originated as a fish-based sauce, blended with vinegar and spices. In colonial times, ketchup was made with mushrooms, oysters, and even nuts.

Ketchup is synonymous with tomatoes thanks, in part, to the rise of the Heinz company and the popularity of tomato ketchup around the turn of the century. But the diverse history of ketchup is the reason each bottle of Heinz still reads “TOMATO ketchup” on the label.


Why Fruit Ketchup?

People are often skeptical when they first hear the term "fruit ketchup". Even in a rapidly evolving foodscape, fruit is commonly associated with sweeter items like jelly, pies, and smoothies. And ketchup is associated with ... well, tomatoes.

But if you let your mind go beyond the initial "ew" or "wtf", fruit ketchup makes complete and total sense. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Tomatoes are technically a fruit,
  • Ketchup is very much like a fruit salsa or chutney (just blended instead of chunky),
  • Before Heinz, ketchup was made with other fruits! really!
  • Sweet & savory combinations are so hot right now: bacon & chocolate, cheese & fruit ... salty fries in your chocolate milkshake! (You know you've done this).

So, when someone initially turns up their nose at the idea of 'Chups, we don't bat an eyelash. We're here to change minds. After all, GOOD food takes thought.


How Can I Use 'Chups?

One of our biggest missions is to get people thinking beyond the traditional [boring] tomato ketchup applications. Sure, they are great on burgers and fries, but why limit yourself to such a small subset of foods? ‘Chups ketchups have a wonderfully complex flavor profile–tangy, savory, and sweet–it deserves to be highlighted in a variety of ways!

For example, we bet you've never put your tomato ketchup on TACOS. But this dish–with plum 'Chups spread over roasted chick peas, grilled zucchini, peppers, and soft queso fresco–is amazingly delicious and satisfying. The perfect tangy topping for a vegetarian treat!


What ingredients do you use?

The main ingredient in all of our ketchups are the fruit. The other ingredients include vinegar (white & cider), onions, celery, sugar, garlic, agave, salt, and spices.

For those with a nightshade allergy, it's worth noting that all the flavors do have some form of the plant included in the recipe, though they are trace amounts. Feel free to reach out if you'd like more specifics.


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